Why Our Residential Locksmith Indianapolis IN Services Is Ranked #1

If you live in Indianapolis, you probably heard about Flat Rate Lock N’ Key Indianapolis. We are the leading company in everything related to residential locksmith in Indianapolis. In addition to this service we provide services such as: auto locksmith Indianapolis and office locksmith Indianapolis, IN. We are the leader in the field, not only because we are insured, but also bonded to prevent consumers from potential financial losses.

Our goal is to provide all of our clients with the highest level service of the Indianapolis residential locksmith, 24 hours a day. As soon as you contact us, ask the representative on the phone about our services, prices, and availability. Our customer service will answer any questions you have in a professional and courteous manner.

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Our Residential Locksmith Indianapolis IN Is Reliable

Our company pretended to be the most reliable company in the field. When you work with a residential locksmith company in Indianapolis you expect them to arrive in time, you also want them to do and finish the job as they promised, and if they can not keep their promises, they should not promise them in the first place. For this reason you have to work with us, our company has come a long way to reach the status of the most reliable company in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are able to paint the work to the best, and we always keep our promises.

If there is something you think we can do better, we want to know about it. We promise that we will not repeat the same mistake twice and we will fix the defects as quickly as possible

Our Residential Locksmith Indianapolis IN Can Do It All

We strongly believe in being the locksmith company that provides the widest range of services in the area of Indianapolis. When you hire us, you can be sure that your problem will be resolved in any way. We promise that we will always go above and beyond to do professional work. We enable solve any problem quickly, thanks to our wide range services. We can unlock doors, re-key locks, replace residential locks and also we offering car key replacement.

In addition to these advantages, we also offer unbeatable prices. We will do everything to meet your budget, without compromising the quality of work you receive. Our prices are much cheaper than what our competitors offer.

24/7 Residential Locksmith Indianapolis IN Service Provider

The first time you use our services, you will understand how our company works, our company works around the clock to provide services to the residents of Indianapolis, Indiana. Our extensive technician team is on standby with trucks equipped with all the necessary tools, lock picking tools, re key equipment, parts and more.

Our goal is to make sure our technicians are fully equipped and that they do not lack anything to do the job professionally, and without unnecessary delays. We do not allow our customers to wait longer than necessary, so before our technicians go to work, they make sure they do not lack any necessary tools or parts.

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Affordable Residential Locksmith Indianapolis Prices

The prices we offer are the cheapest you will find among all locksmith companies in the area. If you would like to receive the price list of the services we offer, please contact us and we will be happy to fax or e-mail you our price list.

We also compare prices! If you do a market survey about a particular service you want to get, and you find someone who offers a cheaper price than us, we will compare the price and even give you another discount just because you let us know that someone is cheapest then us. It is important to remember that we offer the cheapest prices in the market, does not mean that the service you receive will be of poor quality.

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We Are Available 24-Hours A Day

Our technicians are ready to serve you around the clock, regardless of time. Whether you are requesting a service of a rekey at 9 am or replacing a lock at 9pm. Our technicians will always be available to give Indianapolis residents the best and fastest service. Call us anytime you need a residential locksmith service or other Indianapolis, IN locksmith service and our representative will schedule you an appointment at any time, including emergency services provided in your place within 25 minutes.

Even before we make an appointment with you, we make sure that there are no unnecessary delays, if any, we will let you know and it is up to you whether you want to wait or not. We will never set you up an appointment without being ready to give you the fastest and most professional service.

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residential locksmith in indianapolis

A Residential Locksmith Indianapolis That Will Rush To You

We understand that you can not sit and wait for service hours and hours. That’s why we employ a large number of technicians deployed throughout the Indianapolis area. The first time you call to get a house lockout or any other service, we find the nearest technician and let you know in real time how long it should be in your place.

There is a great chance that we will reach you faster than all of our competitors, because our overriding goal is to provide the residents of Indianapolis with the fastest residential locksmith service as possible. We can assure you that we will do everything to provide you with the fastest service and to prevent unnecessary delays. Just call us and we will take care of you in a reliable, fast and professional service

We’re Totally Insured

Our company is insured. Although the specialized of our technicians we are aware that always can happen unexpected problems. For example, when you change a lock, there can always be a risk that a screwdriver will fall and scratch the wooden floor, even though our company does everything to avoid these cases, it can always happen. For this reason we are insured and if necessary this insurance will cover all costs.

Residential Locksmith Indianapolis Prices

  • HOME LOCKOUT – From $35
  • LOCK REKEY – From $19
  • LOCK CHANGE – From $35

Indianapolis Residential Locksmith Appointments Are Available

Our comapny can arrange appointments for cases that are not emergencies such as: changing a lock, installing a new lock, fixing a lock, and more. The day before the scheduled meeting, our representative will contact you to remind you of the expected meeting, and on the appointment day our technician will arrive at your home and perform the required work in less than an hour, depending on the amount of locks that must be repaired / installed.